The Parliament Enclosures Act of 1773 was enacted to divide up formerly common land to provide legal property rights for prospective landowners. The hedgerows that were constructed to divide up the land were commonly constructed of Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, creating  bumper crops of Sloe berries that, although they were tart and astringent by themselves, were soon used by the locals to add to gin.  Simply adding the Sloes made the gin of that time more palatable, and the staple English Autumnal beverage was born.

At the Fairytale Distillery while we support the traditional way to make Sloe Gin: we obtain the best Sloes, use one of our 2020 World Spirits Award winning gins but do not use sugar!  You still get the award winning gin taste ( a delicate juniper with an oil pungency, orange like, slight mushroom notes, a hint of lavender with a full bodied and long aftertaste) but subtly flavoured with the Sloes. This gives our Highland Gin Number 64 a plum like addition, with a hint of dark chocolate, raisin, creating a harmonious and a slightly sweet almond like finish.

Fragrance | A light sloe gin version, subtle juniper berry notes in the basis, delicately sloe-juicy, rather fresh and cherry-like, delicate roast aromas, reminiscent of stewed plums, vanilla, orange peels, cinnamon, dried fruits, some cinnamon, delicately rooty, black tea, a touch of lovage.

Taste | Very strong bitter almond characteristic, stony and roasty, only subtly sloe- and juniper-like, somewhat resinous and coniferous, marzipan, citrus, caramel, cloves, mint, slightly oxydized notes, green walnuts, elegant balance of sugar and acid, fairly full-bodied and long.