To its acclaimed taste a subtle juniper basis, woody, coniferous and resinous accents, the increase in alcohol content has given this version a sweet, Summer freshness, which we liken to a subtle taste of Mandarin and Kumquat.

Fragrance | Very present juniper characteristic, a lot of berries, citrus peel, tangerine, lime, mint, subtle spice mixture, ginger, cinnamon, Tonka bean, coriander, floral touch, violet, lavender, roses.

Taste | Aromatic continuation on the palate, markedly juniper-like, a lot of albedo and citrus peel, resinous and rooty, mossy and earthy, meadowsweet, vanilla, coriander, cloves, lavender, slight peel bitter aftertaste, red pepper, great alcohol sweetness, density and length, warming finish.