We at the Fairytale Distillery are always looking to add to our list of Highland Gins. This time we seek to recreate the ‘Spirit of the Glens’ by using only those botanics present in the Highlands of Scotland which, together with the pure spring water of Alt Mor na Dornie high above the Distillery,combine to give this unique gin its distinctive flavour. Thus, although our Highland Gin Number 17 is classed as a Traditional or London Dry Gin, that is to say contains Juniper, Angelica Root and Coriander, classic London Dry botanics; in order to create our ‘Spirit of the Glens’, we have added Cranberries, Heather petals, Rose Hip, Pine shoots, Meadowsweet petals , Poplar buds, Rose petals and Iris.Therefore, underlying the initial juniper notes of the London Gin is the slightly sweet, resinous profiles from the Meadowsweet , Pine and Poplar which together with the fruity and floral notes of the Heather, Rose Hip and Rose petals , give this gin a strong finish helping to create the overall experience of the Highlands of Scotland and our version of the ‘Spirit of the Glens’! Enjoy!

Fragrance | Massive overall image, subtly juniper-like, very fruity, berry-like and estery, subtly resinous and ethereal, raspberry, strawberry, meadow herbs, thyme, meadowsweet, clear orange peel, floral accents, roses, rosehip, lavender.

Taste | Extension of aromas on the palate, a touch of noticeable juniper, a lot of berries, raspberry, cranberry, overlaid with powerful accessory, a lot of lavender, rose petals, orange peel, grassy-green, rooty, ginger, angelica root, coriander, mint.

Bartender‘s recommendations | Why not try this gin neat with plenty of ice cubes and a sprig of rosemary.