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Bottle discription

Aromatic repetition on the palate, subtle juniper basis, woody, coniferous and resinous accents, citrus, lime, orange peel, lavender, tonka bean, spignel, some lovage, compact, full-bodied, good length, some ethereal and bitter finish.

Fragrance | Aromatic and compact version, clear juniper presence, a lot of citrus oil top notes, orange, lime, berry-like aromas, delicately rooty and earthy, ginger, coriander, cardamom, lavender, some tonka bean, floral aspects, rose petals, menthol coolness.

Bartenders recommendations | Don‘t stint on the ice cubes and try either rosemary or cassia bark as a garnish for this smooth gin.


Very ethereal and ester continuation on the palate, quite a lot of juniper berries, dosed citrus top notes, orange peel, lime juice, tonka bean, mint, ginger, strong floral component, rose petals, rose oil, violet, lavender, full-bodied and compact, harmonious.

Fragrance | A very multi-faceted variety interpretation, typical juniper aromatic carried by botanicals, a lot of citrus, lemon, lime, tangerine, tonka bean, ginger, coffee, lavender, estery, a touch of Bazooka chewing gum borrowings.

Bartender‘s recommendations | With this gin add ice cubes and a nice slice of lime for the perfect drink for the beach.

A rather powerful juniper berry basis, coniferous and resinous, subtle citrus notes, orange peel, grapefruit, clove oil, rooty, gentian, a lot of ginger, mint, floral aspects, lavender, a touch of lovage, compact body, fairly long finish.

Fragrance | Very typical variety style, lots of freshness embedded in juniper, citrus, oranges, lemongrass, slightly earthy and rooty, carrot, gentian, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, muscat blossom, blossom honey, cocoa, cinnamon bark.

Bartender‘s recommendations | Plenty of ice cubes; try grapefruit as a garnish, however lemongrass and cassia bark together makes for an elegant, sophisticated drink that might just win her over!