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    You can choose from our award-winning Highland Gins, Dark Rum No. 5 & No.3, Green Fairy Absinthe and Festive gin.

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    You can choose three different bottles or alternatively 2 of the same variation + another one.


  • Fragrance | Both Juniper and Orange  fragrancies predominate; the typical juniper is balanced  by a nice orange peel freshness, with aspects of apricot, bitter orange and allspice  coming through.  Taste | On the palate, very typical juniper with the  freshness of orange peel at the  beginning; the fleshy and juicy texture is maintained leading to a delicate slightly   spicy finish.

  • Highland Gin No. 2

    The delicate citrus bouquet is hard to detect but the lemony beginning with a sweetish after taste makes this a very refreshing gin, certainly one for those hot summer days!
    Fragrance | Nice balance of juniper and a citrus freshness; very typical juniper-like, with nice lemon and exotic green and peppery aspects; delicately rooty with angelica, orange peel and violet aromas. Taste | Very fresh gin concept, very typical intense juniper with citrus; a lot of orange peel aspects giving a fleshy and juicy texture leading to a delicately rooty, slightly ginger, peppery puncency yet mintaining good tightness and length.

    Bartender‘s recommendations | You could try crushed ice with this gin and using cassia and lemon-grass make this a very interesting summer drink.

  • Highland Gin No. 8

    This lovely, slightly dry, smooth gin with just a hint of juniper in the bouquet has a flowery, rose petal beginning, reflecting the rosehip and meadowsweet ingredients. See if you can detect the slightly peppery aftertaste, not unlike some whiskey. This complex gin has many subtle taste undertones. Fragrance | Very delicate and berry-like stylistics, more raspberry than juniper, delicately nutty, somewhat green background, vegetable touch, cucumber, waxy and peely, citrus, orange, rosemary, thyme, lavender, nettles, coriander, angelica root, a lot of black tea. Taste | Raspberry also greets the palate, nutty and almond-like, a lot of citrus peel, only subtle freshness with delicate juniper notes, Alpine herbs, lemon thyme, coriander, lavender, delicate blossom honey sweetness, compact, slightly overlaying, good length.

    Bartender‘s recommendations | Serve with plenty of ice cubes and try grapefruit as a garnish, also lime goes well.

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