• No 57 – Citrus


    Fragrance | A nice balance between juniper and citrus freshness; a typical juniper aroma with nice lemon, exotic green and peppery aspects. Also present are orange peel, violet and angelica aromas. Taste | On the palate the balance between the juniper and citrus continues. There is a lot of orange peel present which gives a fleshy and juicy texture. At the finish a delicately rooty, slightly ginger, peppery taste is noted, maintaining good tightness and length.

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    No 57 – Autumnal


    Fragrance | A very delicate berry-like aroma; more raspberry than juniper; delicately nutty, waxy and peely; rosemary and thyme come through with a hint of black tea. Taste | On the palate, raspberry at the beginning, nutty and almond-like; slight  juniper coming through with a delicate blossom honey sweetnessand freshness, giving way to a  good length.

  • No 57 – Oriental


    Fragrance | A multi faceted interpretation of a Navy Strength gin.  Typical juniper aroma supported by lemon, lime, tangerine, Tonka bean, ginger and  coffee. Taste | On the palate the complex taste reflects the aroma. Quite a lot of juniper, orange peel, lime, Tonka bean, ginger and all spice are present.  A full bodied, compact and harmonious gin with persistent length in the finish.

  • No 57 – Classic


    Aromatic repetition on the palate, subtle juniper basis, woody, coniferous and resinous accents, citrus, lime, orange peel, lavender, tonka bean, spignel, some lovage, compact, full-bodied, good length.

    Fragrance | Very typical juniper structure, broad offer of citrus peels, orange, lime, a lot of rose petals, lavender, violet, mint, hoppy, peaty, earthy and mushroom-like. Taste | Aromatic copy of the fragrance concept, a lot of ethereal oils, juniper berries and citrus peels in duet, lemon, orange, lime, floral appeals, lavender, rosemary, Alpine herbs, great alcohol sweetness, harmonious, full-bodied and long.

    Bartender‘s recommendations | This pleasant-tasting gin benefits from plenty of ice cubes with either lemongrass or a slice of grapefruit as a garnish.

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