London Spirits Competition 2020

In our Newsletter this week we are proud to announce yet more success for the Fairytale Distillery on the competition front! This time it was in the prestigious 2020 London Spirits Competition held on July 6 this year.

You will recall that earlier in the year, at the World Spirits Awards, we won a Double Gold;  2 Golds and 2 Silvers. For the London Spirits Competition we entered 2 new Gins; Highland Gin 

Number 57 (Our Navy Strength 57% ABV);  and Highland Gin Number 29 (Our Old Tom). Both won awards, a Gold for Number 57 and a Bronze for Number 29! Not bad for the first time out! Just to show it was not a fluke we entered Our Top winner in the previous World Spirits Awards,  namely our Number 6 and again it got the top award- a Gold!

We are delighted with our continuing success and are holding our heads high! In fact, we were the only Scottish Gin Distillery to gain a gold medal in this year’s London Spirits Competition; actually, we got 2! 

Why not try our 2 new winners? Go on, try the Navy strength Number 57, remember the number tells you its strength and also the latitude of our wee distillery in the North West Highlands of Scotland! ( It also tells you the age of our Master Distiller, Thomas!).  The Number 29, our Old Tom gin deserves a try too; our version of this favorite specialist gin, uses just botanics to give it its traditional, slightly sweet taste. 

Finally, remember that Thomas is available for on site tours, gin tastings and classes. Don’t forget to book up in advance!