Is this Scotland’s most magical gin distillery ?

A Scottish spirits brand in the highlands has taken inspiration from German fairy tales to create what could be the UK’s most whimsical gin distillery.

The newly founded Fairytale Distillery at Ardelve, which lies on the shores of Loch Alsh in the western highlands and looks out across to Eilean Donan Castle and the Isle of Skye, is unlike anything you’ll have seen before.

With crooked chimneys, slanted windows and a sweeping slate roof that almost touches the ground on either side of striking pea green walls, it looks like it has been transported straight from the pages of Harry Potter.

The aptly named Fairytale Distillery is the brainchild of Thomas Gottwald and Manuela Kohne-Gottwald and is the latest addition to their collection of Hansel and Gretel style buildings.

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