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Basic Knowledge

Most of us are used to gin being described either as

London Dry, Navy Strength, Sloe Gins, Old Tom

What perhaps is not so well known is the competition categories into which gins are judged internationally. Depending on geographic location, gins are split into 3 categories:

Western or Contemporary, Speciality, London Dry

London Dry

Most gins fall into the London Dry Category; these gins have a predominantly Juniper taste and are typically very dry, light in body and aromatic. Other botanics which may also feature are : angelica root, orris root, coriander seeds and citrus. The minimum ABV ( Alcohol by Volume) is 37.5%. Our London Dry Gins are all 41% ABV.Our Highland Gins Numbers1,4,17 and 35 are in this category.



Fragrance | Delicate juniper aroma, topped with fresh citrus and mint mixture, chocolatey, blackberry-like, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, resinous and rooty, some gentian, a touch of lavender, very straightforward concept.

Taste | Compact, aromatical implementation of theme, subtly juniper-like, somewhat ethereal and oily pungency, orange-like, slight mushroom notes, mossy, green-grassy, tart and peely, nutty and kernel-like, lavender, fairly full-bodied and long.

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Fragrance Aromatic and compact version, clear juniper presence, a lot of citrus oil top notes, orange, lime, berry-like aromas, delicately rooty and earthy, ginger, coriander, cardamom, lavender, some Tonka bean, floral aspects, rose petals, menthol coolness.

Taste Aromatic repetition on the palate, subtle juniper basis, woody, coniferous and resinous accents, citrus, lime, orange peel, lavender, Tonka bean, spignel, some lovage, compact, full-bodied, good length, some ethereal and bitter finish.

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We will provide samples of our 2 Top Award winning gins; up to 3 more different gins may be chosen from our menu. Attendees will be offered a 9¾% reduction, on all Fairytale Distillery Highland Gins purchased.

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Fragrance Very typical variety, high freshness embeded in juniper, light fragrance with berry- like, citrus, oranges, lemon grass, slightly earthy and rooty, carrot, gentian, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, muscat blossom, blossom honey, cocoa, cinnamon bark.

Taste | Rather powerful juniper berry basis, coniferous and resinous, subtle citrus notes, orange peel, grapefruit, clove oil, rooty, gentian, a lot of ginger, mint, floral aspects, lavender, a touch of lovage, compact body, fairly long finish.

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Fragrance | The basic juniper aroma is overlaid with a candy-like citrus perfume of orange; a berry- like mixture of strawberry and blackberry, with a hint of mango, lavender, mint and cinnamon; with rooty and earthy notes.

Taste | Aromatic consonance with the fragrance, subtly juniper-like, lemon, lime, strong berry aromas, blackberry, strawberry, mint, menthol coolness, orange peel, coriander, lavender, delicate honey sweetness, good density and harmonious, long finish.

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Western or Contemporary

On the other hand, Western or Contemporary gins while still demonstrating a subtly Juniper flavour, are enhanced with additional botanicals giving the gin a more complex flavour. We, for instance, include: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, mint, mandarin, tangerine, grapefruit and floral items in our gins. The minimum ABV for this category is 37.5% . All our gins in this category are 41% ABV.Our Highland Gins Numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8 are in this category.



Fragrance | Nice balance of juniper and a citrus freshness; very typical juniper-like, with nice lemon and exotic green and peppery aspects; delicately rooty with angelica, orange peel and violet aromas.

Taste | Very fresh gin concept, very typical intense juniper with citrus; a lot of orange peel aspects giving a fleshy and juicy texture leading to a delicately rooty, slightly ginger, peppery puncency yet mintaining good tightness and length.

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Fragrance | A very multi-faceted variety interpretation, typical juniper aromatic carried by botanicals, a lot of citrus, lemon, lime, tangerine, tonka bean, ginger, coffee, lavender, estery, a touch of Bazooka chewing gum borrowings.

Taste | Very multi-faceted continuation on the palate, quite a lot of juniper berries, balanced citrus top notes, orange peel, lime juice, Tonka bean, mint, ginger, strong floral component, rose petals, rose oil, violet, lavender, full-bodied and compact, harmonious, persistent length in the finish, very complex composition.

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Fragrance | Very delicate and berry-like stylistics, more raspberry than juniper, delicately nutty, somewhat green background, vegetable touch, cucumber, waxy and peely, citrus, orange, rosemary, thyme, lavender, nettles, coriander, angelica root, a lot of black tea.

Taste | Raspberry also greets the palate, nutty and almond-like, a lot of citrus peel, only subtle freshness with delicate juniper notes, Alpine herbs, lemon thyme, coriander, lavender, delicate blossom honey sweetness, compact, slightly overlaying, good length.

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Finally, the Speciality Category covers such types as Old Tom, Navy Strength and Sloe Gin. These are distinctive gins with differing characteristics such as a slight sweetness, high alcohol content or distinctive flavour. All, however, possess that recognisable gin flavour, since we use only our award winning gins as the basis. Theminimum ABV for this category varies. However, for Navy Strength gins the minimum is 57% . Our Navy Strength Gin is 57.1%; our Highland Gin Number 29 Old Tom is 41% ABV; and our Highland Gin Number 64 Sloe is 29% ABV.



Fragrance | Very typical juniper structure, broad offer of citrus peels, orange, lime, a lot of rose petals, lavender, violet, mint, hoppy, peaty, earthy and mushroom-like.

Taste | Aromatic copy of the fragrance concept, a lot of ethereal oils, juniper berries and citrus peels in duet, lemon, orange, lime, floral appeals, lavender, rosemary, Alpine herbs, great alcohol sweetness, harmonious, full-bodied and long.

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No. 57 

Fragrance | Very present juniper characteristic, a lot of berries, citrus peel, tangerine, lime, mint, subtle spice mixture, ginger, cinnamon, Tonka bean, coriander, floral touch, violet, lavender, roses.

Taste | Aromatic continuation on the palate, markedly juniper-like, a lot of albedo and citrus peel, resinous and rooty, mossy and earthy, meadowsweet, vanilla, coriander, cloves, lavender, slight peel bitter aftertaste, red pepper, great alcohol sweetness, density and length, warming finish.

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No.57 Orange

Fragrance | Both Juniper and Orange  fragrancies predominate; the typical juniper is balanced  by a nice orange peel freshness, with aspects of apricot, bitter orange and allspice  coming through.

Taste | On the palate, very typical juniper with the  freshness of orange peel at the  beginning; the fleshy and juicy texture is maintained leading to a delicate slightly   spicy finish.

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No. 57 

Fragrance | A very delicate berry-like aroma; more raspberry than juniper; delicately nutty, waxy and peely; rosemary and thyme come through with a hint of black tea.

Taste | On the palate, raspberry at the beginning, nutty and almond-like; slight  juniper coming through with a delicate blossom honey sweetnessand freshness, giving way to a  good length.

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No 57 Autumnal
No 57 Citrus


No. 57 

Fragrance | A nice balance between juniper and citrus freshness; a typical juniper aroma with nice lemon, exotic green and peppery aspects. Also present are orange peel, violet and angelica aromas.

Taste | On the palate the balance between the juniper and citrus continues. There is a lot of orange peel present which gives a fleshy and juicy texture. At the finish a delicately rooty, slightly ginger, peppery taste is noted, maintaining good tightness and length.

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No. 57 

Fragrance | A multi faceted interpretation of a Navy Strength gin.  Typical juniper aroma supported by lemon, lime, tangerine, Tonka bean, ginger and  coffee.

Taste | On the palate the complex taste reflects the aroma. Quite a lot of juniper, orange peel, lime, Tonka bean, ginger and all spice are present.  A full bodied, compact and harmonious gin with persistent length in the finish.

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Old Tom

Nobody really knows the true origin of the name Old Tom when it is applied to Gin.

Theories range from the placing a picture of a cat in the window of an 18th Century gin shop to announce that gin was available. Then by placing a coin in a slot and then placing one‘s mouth over a lead pipe, the shot of gin was dispensed! William Hogarth‘s famous series of paintings graphically depicts the 18th century gin scene.

Another was that a tomcat fell into a vat of gin and thus a tomcat became the logo of the gin makers! We trust they did not sell that gin !

Whatever the origin, Old Tom gin and cats have been synonymous and Old Tom has been used to describe the slightly sweet taste of this gin which, in the 1700s, was used to disguise the primitive distilling techniques of the early gins which often contained turpentine and sulphuric acid to stretch the product, a technique used by some unscrupulous distillers!



Fragrance | Very floral basic notes, slightly perfumed, citrus, grapefruit, rose petals, orange blossoms, lavender, typical juniper base, coriander, ginger, black tea.

Taste Strong ethereal top notes, candy drop-like, berry-like, lime, orange peel, floral notes, orange blossoms, elderflower, green tea, subtly juniper-like, a lot of rose oil, lavender, coriander, cardamom, thyme, malty sweetness, good tightness and length, warming finish, unconventional concept.

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The Parliament Enclosures Act of 1773 during the reign of King George III, was enacted to divide up formerly common land to provide legal property rights for prospective landowners. The hedgerows that were constructed to divide up the land were commonly constructed of Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, creating bumper crops of Sloe berries that, although they were tart and astringent by themselves, were soon used by the locals to add to gin. Simply adding the Sloes made the gin of that time more palatable, since it was notorious for its cheapness and availability but also for its poor quality, and adding the Sloes enhanced the gin and the staple English Autumnal beverage was born.

At the Fairytale Distillery while we support the traditional way to make Sloe Gin: we obtain the best Sloes, use one of our 2020 World Spirits Award winning gins but do not use sugar! You still get the award winning gin taste ( a delicate juniper with an oil pungency, orange like, slight mushroom notes, a hint of lavender with a full bodied and long after- taste) but subtly flavoured with the Sloes. This gives our Highland Gin Number 64 a plum like addition, with a hint of dark chocolate, raisin, creating a harmonious and a slightly sweet almond like finish.



Fragrance | A light sloe gin version, subtle juniper berry notes in the basis, delicately sloe-juicy, rather fresh and cherry-like, delicate roast aromas, reminiscent of stewed plums, vanilla, orange peels, cinnamon, dried fruits, some cinnamon, delicately rooty, black tea, a touch of lovage.

Taste | Very strong bitter almond characteristic, stony and roasty, only subtly sloe- and juniper-like, somewhat resinous and coniferous, marzipan, citrus, caramel, cloves, mint, slightly oxydized notes, green walnuts, elegant balance of sugar and acid, fairly full-bodied and long.

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